Confused by the data chaos on fashion analytics tools?

If your brand is drawing design and trend inspirations from abstract trend reports, data heavy merchandising and fashion analytics tools, let us share the good news.

We have something better & efficient for you!

Moodboard empowers fashion designers and creators.

Visual & intuitive nature of Moodboard makes it easy for fashion designers, buyers and PD&D teams to understand consumer demand patterns, to embrace right trends at right time in order to create trendsetting garments and collections.

Plan better and take efficient design, sourcing and buying decisions with Moodboard.

Getting Started is so easy


Take our survey, share your preferences needs, tell us about
your design philosophy. This will help us to personalize insights for you.

No Integration

No engineering or tech efforts are required from your end.
Sign up in our cloud based tool and get your actionable insights.

Actionable insights

Find actionable insights curated for your need and
simultaneously gather images and create your mood board.

Personalized insights

Moodboard provides curated insights about designs, aesthetics trends and your customer archetypes personalized to your brief, brand and design philosophy.

Cohesive trend monitoring

Moodboard monitors trickling of trends from the fashion runways, aspiration brands to mass market. This ensures fashion brands are embracing the right trend at right time.

Spot trends early and keep a track on your competitors.

Granular insights on your consumer archetype's behavior

Find out what your Generation Z & Millennial consumers are going gaga over. Moodboard boils down unstructured consumer voices, opinion, reviews and blogs (which are shaping your consumer’s buying behavior) floating around the web to help you create products & garments that will eventually sell.

Design & aesthetic insights translatable into garments

Decide themes, color palates, patterns and style of your upcoming collections with the help of designs and aesthetic insights which are easily translatable into designs, garments and collections.